Our goal is to save you time and money. We can repair over 300 different circuit boards and modules, from the top hospital bed manufacturers in the industry.

By getting your items repaired by Control Boards Plus, you can save up to half or more of the cost of a new one from the manufacturer.

All of our repairs carry a 1-year warranty.

Give us a call today. We're waiting to give you expert service and repairs on your circuit boards, modules, and blower motors. Be sure to check out our parts page to see browse all of the various parts that we can service.

We Offer:

  • Quality repair of your circuit boards, modules and blower motors.
  • Exchange program for many of the items we repair.
  • Sale of circuit boards, modules, blower motors.
  • To purchase, working or repairable, circuit boards and air modules.


Don't Sacrifice quality to save money. Call Control Boards Plus NOW to save money AND get great quality.